Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers Review

Snuggle Bear Den has sent me a free box of their new Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers. These opinions are mine and solely mine in my exchange for an honest review of their new product.

When I first got the product in the mail when I first opened the box I could immediately smell the flowers. This product lasted for me between 7 to 10 days. I wash my sheets every week. Most of the time I wash my sheets before bed so I can take in as much as that snuggly goodness smell. The everlasting smell helps me relax and fall asleep faster. I do not like stinky sheets.

One night I was walking my dog and I came home and I could smell that Snuggly fresh flower smell from the vent all the way at the back of the house. It just opens my senses. It smells so good it reminds me of my Lilac bush at the beginning of June when my bush blooms.

The one thing I did not like was the price. I went to Kroger to go look for the product. It comes in liquid and sheets. I received the sheets via mail. The price on the shelf was $3.47. I think this is way to high and the price need to go way down. They need to offer coupons.

Thank you Snuggle Bear for trying out this new product and experiencing it. You can chat with Snuggle Bear on Twitter.


Carefree Acti-fresh Pantiliner Review

Influenster selected me to try these new body shape pantiliners. They are small and convenient. You can carry them in your purse. They make you smell fresh and confident. I used these while walking. Good to exercise and keep fresh. These will be handy next month when the weather starts getting hotter and everybody’s bodies start sweating. These can be used if you are at the end of your “flow”. I have pcos so I do not know when or if that will come. I have symptoms all month long and never have anything.

I wish this kind was baking soda but it was unscented. Check it out at and


Silk Cashew Milk Review

I disclose that Bzzagent compensated me for (1) Free Coupon and (2) $1.00 coupons to share. These opinions are mine and mine alone.

I chose the Unsweetened Silk Cashew Milk. The reason why I chose unsweetened Silk Cashew Milk.The reason why I chose unsweetened because the last time I was chosen for Silk Almond Milk I chose the original and it was too sweet and it got wasted. What I like about this was it was only 25 calories and it was not sweet at all. I tried it by myself and it was a little tart so I added Hershey’s chocolate syrup. That made it taste better. I would have preferred Sugar Free which would be a great low calorie drink but I didn’t have any.When I drank it aloneI could really taste that it was a nutty milk.

The second way I drank was in a smoothie. I used the recipe that gave me called Strawberries and Cream smoothie.I really liked it. I liked the chunks of strawberries in every sip and I used agave syrup instead of sugar. One reason I like this cashew milk is the fact that I am lactose and intolerant and milk, dairy products can make me bloated and very irregular. I did not have any bloating. The strawberries gave me a happy boost to my day.

I would recommend this milk to my friends. I think the price is right. I found this product at Hyvee. I have also seen this product at Schnuck’s and Kroger. This product was $2.89. With a $1.00 coupon it is still a good price compared to Horizon Organic Milk that is over $6.00 a gallon. So it is budget friendly if they offer coupons in the paper.

Thank you Bzzagent for letting me try this product. Check more out on Silk webpage and


Arla Dorfino Bzzagent Campaign

I tried 2 cheeses. 1 I bought at Kroger Smoked cracked peppercorn.There were like 70 different different cheese and that was the only 1 there. I did not use the coupon bzzagent gave me. I went to Wal-Mart and used my free coupon. I got the Havarti creamy cheese. The smoked cracked peppercorn is more like a snacking cheese u can use on a party plate or with Ritz crackers. The Havarti creamy cheese is more of a cooking cheese. I used the recipe on 1 of the coupons they sent me with the coupon. It is very creamy. I liked it very much. Before this campaign I knew nothing about this cheese so I never bought it. They also have the dill flavor at Wal-mart but I didn’t know what that was like or how to use it. The smoked cracked peppercorn had some orangy look on the rind and it had a creamy yellow.I liked both of those cheese!!!I was compensated from Bzzagent with a free coupon and coupons to share with my friends.

So check out


Veggie Tales Celery Night Fever DVD Review and Giveaway

 When veggie pals Laura Carrot and Junior Asparagus find out that Bruce Onion is going to tear down their beloved Park and turn it into a parking lot they spring into action to figure out a way to to save it. When Junior is always undependable and reliable Laura decides this she doesn’t want to be friends and do this on her own. Then Laura talks to her grandpa and finds out that he was famous at one time was apart of The Groovy Brothers, a band. That gave Laura an idea about  a Benefit to save the park but grandpa is reluctant to meet them for something he did in the past. Their friendship was tested at the height of their career. Grandpa wanted fame and fortune was selfish and exchanged his friendship. All the bandmates have to learn forgiveness is the key if they are going to work together give up past grudges with grandpa that a high power forgives you no matter what you do and is unjudgemental. Laura and Junior learn by their mistakes and see that all those years are lost because of a silly fight and that they cherish their friendship. Bruce Onion feels spiteful because he lost his dream of being a tuba player and holding his grudge for so many years and he should have just spoken up.Then at the end everybody works together and settles all differences.

   In this movie children learn how to work together. If they have arguments learn how to resolve them. Trusting a higher power in faith wil give them strength to do anything. There are great songs in this movie that children can remember.

   Parents and adults will like this movie as well. Sometimes adults have to forgive a person even if they have done something so wrong to them or somebody else in their life. Not being able to forgive can way you down if you forgive it can set you free.

   I have had to my own experiences with forgiveness. 5 years ago my child hood friend Terra died of an overdose. I had not talked to her in years.I went through many emotions sadness, anger, mad.If it wasn’t for my cat BoBo who I rescued and took care of a year later I could not get through it.My faith has been tested many times in my life. My BoBo past away on Tuesday and was sick. He helped me get through some tough times in my life and focus on him instead of all the sadness.

You can find more info about this movie at

“Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16CFR, Part 255: “Guide Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”) Many thanks to Propeller Consulting,LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway.Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.


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Purina Beyond Natural Dog Food Bzzagent Review

My dog really enjoyed it. The vitamins and minerals would help my dogs skin and have her have a better coat. There are a lot of ingredients she already likes like chicken meal,eggs,tuna,and liver flavor. She really loves liver. I found this product at Kroger.I find the price very high. 10.99 for a 3 lb  bag. Maybe this would work for a small bag but not for a bigger dog. I am very budgeted income maybe someone with more money could buy this. The 3.00 coupons would not be very beneficial to me. I will have to wait until the price majorly goes down before I buy it. She had the package gone in 3 days.I usually buy big packages because I have to save on my gas trips.I like when I can find food for her on discount or use and sale and coupon together. Purina is a brand I like and trust. I disclose that I am a bzzagent and that I was compensated with a 3 lb of Purina Beyond Natural dog food and two 3.00 coupons. Please check out these sites for more info



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Coppertone Sunscreen Clearly Sheer Lotion SPF30 and Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Do you play, swim, garden,walk,or do daily activities outdoors? Do you burn when the weather is in the 90’s degree weather.Is it important to you that your skin don’t burn?Do you scratch when you get a burn? I have been there. 13 years ago I got a 3rd degree bad sunburn cause I fell asleep and had to get help at Hopedale Complex. I felt terrible.I never wanna go thu that again. This new product I just tested is Coppertone Clearly Sheer Lotion SPF 30 and Coppertone Broad Spectrum SPF 50.

I loved the fragrance of these products! You put the lotion on and let it sit. it will last for 80 minutes if you are in the pool. The Broad Spectrum is so easy and effortless.You spray it on and go! If you have fair skin like me you have to protect your skin from Skin Cancer. You need a high SPF if you have light skin. Not protecting yourself can lead to Skin Cancer. When my grandmas friend was alive she had several moles that had to be removed. There are signs of Skin cancer and here they are 1) moles change color 2)moles change shape.

You can find this product at Walmart for 10.88. So go check it out. Here are some websites so you can find more Information. So if you do a lot of activities outside protect your self with Coppertone Sunscreen Clearly Sheer Lotion SPF 30 and Broad Spectrum 50

Check it out! 

Have a hot summer like I am having now!