Vitafusion Women’s Adult Vitamins has selected me to try these new vitamins.I really liked these vitamins.So far I have been taking these vitamins everyday. These vitamins are jammed packed full of all the good stuff your body needs if you do not get it in your food. It has Vitamin A, C, D,E, Calcium, folic acid, and so much more that I can’t even list. There is even blueberry and carrot concentrates in ever lil Vitamin.

These vitamins help with bone health, energy metabolism.

I just loved the tasted of these lil gummies.I loved the color of these too red and purple. I love how convenient these are to take versus a pill Vitamin.Usually with pill Vitamin they sometimes get stuck and I get sick. I had these on my kitchen countertop to remind me every morning to take them.I give them a 5 star rating.Thanks smiley!

  1. AllisonIMG_20151029_095916


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