Freschetta Chicken Club pizza

I was selected from to try out Freschetta pizzas.I had a hard time finding the pizza.I first went to Walmart and then they didn’t have it so I went to Kroger and I found it.

I tried the chicken club pizza with a Brick oven crust. There were big chunks of chicken on the pizza, bacon, tomatoes, spinach, 100% mozzarella cheese, and creamy parmesan sauce. I liked all the ingredients on this pizza. I really liked the creamy parmesan sauce. What I I not like was the brick crust.I went by the instructions and put the pizza on 400 degrees. In order for the ingredients to get done the crust gets burned. I do not know what they made the crust out of but I did not like it.Overall it was a so so pizza.Thank you Freschetta and for the pizza.#GotItFreeIMG_20151026_102216IMG_20151026_102216


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