Pagoda Chicken Egg Rolls with Chili Sauce

Bzzagent has selected me to try these Pagoda Chicken Egg Rolls. These egg rolls were very, very delicious. I give them a 5 star rating.

I really liked the fact that I could get these Egg rolls locally. It is suppose to be a Kroger campaign but they sent me a manufacture coupon and I was able to find this at Dollar General. The only selection I found was the chicken kind but that is fine because I really enjoyed it.

The egg roll shell was very crispy and tasty. The vegetables inside were carrots and cabbage.The veggies tasted very fresh with fresh ingredients . The chicken meat was very satisfying and filling. I loved the overall flavor.Any spices they may have used weren’t overpowering.

The best and funnest part was the chili sauce.It was very sweet.I enjoyed dunking my egg roll in the sauce.

The price was reasonable $3.57.

This was very convenient to prepare.In less than 1 minute 35 seconds you can have a very satisfying snack. You can have it anytime you want for lunch, after school, for dinner, after night snack even watching your favorite show or maybe even sports game. Sometimes we don’t want to stand and cook a large meal. It is great to relax and pop something in the microwave.

If you like my review you can check out the Pagoda Facebook page or for tasteful reviews of this product. I hope you go and try this product.Pagoda has so many more selections at a Kroger store near you.



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