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Gorilla Tape selected me to try out Gorilla Tape. These opinions are mine and I give honest feedback.

I really liked this product. It was very strong and durable. I used this product with cardboard pieces to each side of my air conditioner to keep the cold air in. The tape has not fallen yet. I plan on using it to put some of my sister’s stuff in boxes. I am trying to donate and downsize items. I want to be more organized. Living in a house for almost 21 years things pile up. My mom and I both want a fresh start and organization is key. I would be willing to pay $7.89 for a quality product.


Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza

I received 1 free coupon and 2- ($1.00) coupons to give to friends from Bzzagent. These opinions are solely mine and I give honest feedback about a product I try.

First of all this product was very hard to find. I went to many stores in my area. The coupon said available at Walmart. At the time I went there it was not there. I found it only at Kroger. The price of this pizza was $3.89 which is reasonable for a frozen pizza. This is pretty comparable to a take and bake pizza from Papa Murphy’s.

Pros-I really liked the cheese. The crust was good. I enjoy the veggies. I tried the Deluxe pizza. which only had sausage, onions, and peppers. I wish there was more veggies. I did not like the sausage. I found it to be a lil spicy which gave me heartburn. My mother on the other hand liked it. I would like to see this pizza with maybe black olives, mushrooms, and maybe ham. I do not like pepperoni. I always find it greasy. Another kind they have at Kroger is Sausage and Pepperoni. I wish they had just plain cheese or another variety to my liking. When I cooked my pizza the box said 400 degrees but I lowered to 350 degrees because usually if it is too hot the crust gets very hard.

Thank you bzzagent and Red Baron. You can find out more information on the Red Baron facebook page and at Bzzagent.