Arla Dorfino Bzzagent Campaign

I tried 2 cheeses. 1 I bought at Kroger Smoked cracked peppercorn.There were like 70 different different cheese and that was the only 1 there. I did not use the coupon bzzagent gave me. I went to Wal-Mart and used my free coupon. I got the Havarti creamy cheese. The smoked cracked peppercorn is more like a snacking cheese u can use on a party plate or with Ritz crackers. The Havarti creamy cheese is more of a cooking cheese. I used the recipe on 1 of the coupons they sent me with the coupon. It is very creamy. I liked it very much. Before this campaign I knew nothing about this cheese so I never bought it. They also have the dill flavor at Wal-mart but I didn’t know what that was like or how to use it. The smoked cracked peppercorn had some orangy look on the rind and it had a creamy yellow.I liked both of those cheese!!!I was compensated from Bzzagent with a free coupon and coupons to share with my friends.

So check out



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