Purina Beyond Natural Dog Food Bzzagent Review

My dog really enjoyed it. The vitamins and minerals would help my dogs skin and have her have a better coat. There are a lot of ingredients she already likes like chicken meal,eggs,tuna,and liver flavor. She really loves liver. I found this product at Kroger.I find the price very high. 10.99 for a 3 lb  bag. Maybe this would work for a small bag but not for a bigger dog. I am very budgeted income maybe someone with more money could buy this. The 3.00 coupons would not be very beneficial to me. I will have to wait until the price majorly goes down before I buy it. She had the package gone in 3 days.I usually buy big packages because I have to save on my gas trips.I like when I can find food for her on discount or use and sale and coupon together. Purina is a brand I like and trust. I disclose that I am a bzzagent and that I was compensated with a 3 lb of Purina Beyond Natural dog food and two 3.00 coupons. Please check out these sites for more info








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