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Assistance for Doggie shots<

Over the years I have spent a lot of money on my dog from shots to frea pills . This is a great for people with fixed income and need help to take care of their puppies and kitties. The prices are phenemonal! I use to just have to pay 40 for an office visit to get in the door at my local vet.But for 1 year rabies and distemper it was only 34.00 the three year plan would have been 54.00. They go to Tractor Supply Stores all over Central Illinois Every month and also offer flea and tick prevention. But with my dog she has to have a pill. Fleas are the biggest pests in my life. I absolutely hate them!with a passion. They cause my dog and cats soo much anguish!They are bad where I come from here in Mason County. I think it is the climate. Cause when my cousin was alive in Wisconsin her dogs never had any trouble until they got here in Illinois. The infomercial with that bug guy on tv says to dip diatomaceous earth onto a leather flea collar for 24 hrs but my cats do not want anything to do with collars. They look cute for 10 minutes and they want to rip them off.There are programs that will help you online for help with dog care and food. I never knew that. Some bigger cities have dog food pantries!

So if you live in Illinois Check out

Friendly staff and qualified vets!!!